how to write chinese
Chines character for the word field, is base on the ideogram.

How to read write Chinese

We hope that would help kids in non Mandarin speaking household like ours, draw a narrative hook to the Chinese language, like it had done for us.

Using mostly ideograms, Kai started to learn five words per week in mid-October and by the end of the year he claimed his prize for reaching 100 words.

We hope you too would find this intuitive and a useful supplement to learning Chinese characters (colloq. Chinese symbol, Chinese Alphabet). We would be adding new words weekly. So come back and visits us for new words.

If you have any questions, suggestions and comments, please drop us a line at the comments section or send us a mail learn@chinesegram.com.

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Kai is a kindergartener who is speaks and read English, Spanish, Korean and is in the process of learning how to write Chinese one word at a time.

Dad wished that he had learned about how some Chinese characters are evolved from ideograms and pictographs much earlier. That would have made his Chinese classes more interesting.

Please see our Chinese character learning resources page (colloq. Chinese symbol, Chinese Alphabet) on the Chinese books, movies, websites we’ve used.

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