Our Journal of Chinese Characters

Thanks for checking out Kai’s journal of Chinese characters.

Using ideograms and pictographs Kai learnt a modified version of the 100 commonly used Chinese characters in about 12 weeks.

Each week we add about five new words per week to his growing vocabulary.

After spending no more than 15 minutes each time to explain the origins of the words through ideograms and pictographs. Kai would then write each of the character on a flash card.

Sometime it takes him five tries to get a character legible, other times he manages it the first time.

We would then review the words on the flash cards two to three times a week.

If you are planning on teaching your child or yourself Chinese characters, hope this would be a useful aid.

Happy learning!

P.S: We are in a non Chinese speaking household. Yup, you can do it too!