手-order shǒu

The hand,handy,skilled,workman. It is the radical, No. 64. When written at the side called  提手 dīshǒu. picture of a side view of the handis the picture of a side view of the hand, 手 is the full palm.

扌 (龵) when used as a left Chinese radical

手臂 shǒubì – arm
手表 shŏubiăo – wristwatch
手册 shǒucè – handbook; manual
手法 shǒufǎ – technique; trick; skill;
手风琴 shǒufēngqín – accordion
手工 shǒugōng – handwork; handicraft
手机 shǒujī – mobile phone
手枪 shǒuqiāng – handgun, pistol
手术 shǒushù – surgery; medical operation
手套 shǒutào – glove; mitten
手语 shǒuyǔ – sign language
手掌 shǒuzhǎng – palm
手指 shǒuzhǐ – finger

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